Teemill Sustainable Packaging

Teemill are a sustainable clothing manufacturing and fulfilment business. I use them to run my passion-project called Nerdity — a t-shirt business catering for geeks and nerds that love retro gaming, cars and tech.

My History with Teemill

I started my journey with Teemill in the spring of 2019 when I just fancied merging my enjoyment of graphic design with my life-long insistence on wearing geeky t-shirts.

So I started looking around at how I could get my designs onto T-Shirts. I quickly realised that I could go down the “mass produced” route and swim in a massive ocean of good, bad and ugly…

Immersive Reality tech (VR, AR, MR) isn’t anywhere near the public consciousness. It’s not mainstream. We hear that all the time. It’s not ready, it’s too expensive, etc (read my blog from a few months ago https://lnkd.in/eWVzwV5)

So imagine my surprise when an advert popped up on my browser — for Windows MR (Acer) of all things, IN ARGOS of all places. For those not in the UK, Argos is a “catalogue store”. You go into a high street (or out-of-town) bricks and mortar store, browse a several-hundred page catalogue, write your product code down, go to the checkout &…

Customer Loyalty isn’t passive, but making it active can also be quite aggressive.

I’m a Vodafone customer. I have been for countless years, firstly as part of the WDS contract, but in the past 2 years personally. My customer experience has always been incredibly passive — from both directions.

Recently, I had a number of incessant contacts from O2 telling me that my Daughter’s contract could be renewed and because of a current offer we could save a significant sum. So I made the changed and saved 50%, added extra 4G data, and all was good. …

Want the ugly truth ? Big outsourcers will not deal with the support needs of the smaller business. They can’t.

History has dictated that they need to sell high volumes of “butts on seats” (as it’s often referred to). Why ? Because they have a tremendous cost-base that inherently drives the behaviours of the shareholders, execs and subsequently sales teams. The cost comes from years of capital investment in infrastructure, in real-estate, in layer upon layer of management. As these businesses grow, so does the internal fat, clogging the arteries, slowing the opportunity to innovate.

At the same time, the…

A quick search in your favorite engine and you will find countless articles about the rise of the chatbot. These articles will talk in detail about the inevitable automation of mundane customer interactions. They will detail the latest movements in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sentiment analysis and how big data and analytics are empowering organizations to take the leap into serving their customer with a Bot.

Whilst I agree that the general technological movement is indeed enabling forward-looking brands to consider Chatbots and Virtual Agents as a viable alternative to people, I want to add a note of caution.


A June 16th 2017 article posted on the Washington Post presents one of the classic stances on the VR industry. It’s simply not growing fast enough. This, alongside the other classic stance of VR media stating that it’s a growth industry and everybody should be braced for impact.

For those of us that regularly consume, and comment on the VR space, this is a source of confusion, of frustration. The WP article makes it’s case by saying that “An estimated 6.3 million headsets have shipped worldwide” but there are 2.6 billion gamers, so the market penetration is small.

I have…

A recent LinkedIn question from Jodi Schiller from New Reality Arts was asking why the market is only looking internally and what were our thoughts on collective actions for driving adoption of the immersive technology market. So I decided to do a bit of a braindump and share it with Jodi and here on the Den of Blog;

Sponsored demo roadshows: It has been a long proven principal that VR can’t be explained, it has to be experienced. Consumers need to actually get their hands on the kit and, crucially, have a properly managed demo to get to experience VR…

Founder of Nerdity, a clothing and art store for people who love to geek out about stuff

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